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Staying with the making of music here is a little site that doesn't demand much musical talent
from the user, just the ability to press buttons
It is the home to a handful of flash games that are just about the most musical fun you can
have on the web without getting arrested. Each game allows you to make music. The newest game is PC Punk, which is a raucous punk band whose bass player didn't turn up, so you have to press the buttons on the keyboard to keep the music going.
If you want something just a little less strenuous on the ears you can try out the shower song page - this is exactly the same premise but it's a chap singing in a shower. There are more of these on Noisegames and if you like making music I can't recommend them enough
Just make sure you have headphones on or your speakers very low otherwise you WILL
irritate the people around you!
Webscape - May 24th 2007
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