HARP EXPLOSION is a one man band from Croatia and is playing dirty garage blues using harps, vocal and tambourine with live overdubbing over drum loops.
NOISEGAMES RECORDS released a 7inch single titled “Atom Age Harmonica Blowout”.
The 2 tracks are from the HARP EXPLOSION “5 Years Later” album and the B-side is featuring the legendary WALTER DANIELS.
Released November 2014.
300 hand-numbered copies, black vinyl, 300g cover
Side A – Geiger Stomp
Side B – 50ft High (feat. Walter Daniels)

6.00 Swiss Francs (+ P&P).
BUY it here in the NOISEGAMES STORE !!

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Igor Djeke the man behind HARP EXPLOSION is also a member of the band DISCIPLIN A KITSCHME.
Check them out here…